Spectacular Woman

Updated: Jan 25

You make me feel like a spectacular woman when ever I see your smile your skin that glow the trace of your smell like fresh mountains in the early morning I love your cheeks that rise high when you look at me.

Oh boy If you only knew the sight in my eyes when I look at you the thoughts waving across my mind when you look at me oh boy I Rise I Rise I Shine I Shine Your Moon Color Skin Tone Your Big High Chin Oh boy I smile at you.

Our Paths may cross but hopefully you don't get lost then stay away from me forever but if you must go I will let you go grow and walk your path I can't hold you forever even though I wish I Could wouldn't that be clever.

I still Shine I still smile knowing we have met knowing our paths have crossed we all have loved an maybe lost love we all have a life to live a journey to cross an time to move on so I understand if you must go I must go to so I can keep being a spectacular espacular fantacular kinda woman.



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